A bright young professional makes a lasting impact on students at Shepherds College

April 29, 2016

If you have never heard about the impact that is being made on the spiritual lives of students at Shepherds College, you will be glad you listened to this podcast. Elyse Cyr talks about finding God's pleasure in being who we were created to be and how she communicates that to her students.  Thanks for listening.


Hardships are not wasted

April 13, 2016

Sometimes we wonder why we have to go through hard circumstances.  Some of these hardships last a lifetime.  But these difficulties are not wasted on those who look for redemption in them.  Aaron Solomon works with our Catalyst clients.  His relationships with these people are enriched by what the struggles of life have taught him.  Hear his story on the OnPurpose podcast. Thanks for listening. 


Blind Gypsies, Disaster Relief, and the Light of the Gospel

March 22, 2016

There is much to talk about when Dr. Dave Deuel is on the OnPurpose podcast. What is life like for people with disabilities in other countries ?  Who is providing relief for people with disabilities in natural disasters?  How would we benefit from having people with disabilities as leaders in our local congregations?  All these topics point to one thing, the need for people with disabilities to help us shine the light of the gospel to the world.  


The Blessings Will Be All Yours

March 3, 2016

If you are considering starting a disabilities ministry or joining and existing disabilities ministry in your church, the blessings will be all yours.  This interview with Rick McLean, Pastor of Special ministries at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, will encourage and inspire you to get involved.  Shepherdsresources.org can help to answer any questions you might have.  We'd like to hear from you at Shepherdsresources.org as well. Please visit Shepherdsresources.org and click on the "ask a question" button and we will find the answer for you.


Does your organization have good representatives?

February 16, 2016
Our organization has great representatives, does yours?  One of our best representatives happens to have Down syndrome.  You're going to want to hear from him. Thank you for listening.

A Remarkable Young Man’s Story

January 19, 2016
Sean Krause is a remarkable young man.  His mom tells a true story about how he used technology to help his father in a potentially dangerous situation.  Sean has Down syndrome but he doesn't let this stop him from taking on important responsibilities in life.  Thank you for listening. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas from Shepherds Ministries' residents, clients and students


There is Great Hope for those who Choose Life

December 2, 2015

Amy DeBurgh speaks with Matthew Hennessey, journalist for City Journal in New York City and contributor to First Things online as well as National Review online.  He is the father of a nine year old daughter who has Down syndrome. Matthew has written extensively on the subject of the connection between prenatal diagnoses of disabilities and abortions.  His unique perspective on this subject is informed greatly by his personal experience. His overall message is the same as ours here at Shepherds Ministries.  There is great hope for those who choose life.


You don’t have to do this alone

November 10, 2015

What the Lord is doing in Union Grove, Wisconsin, at Shepherds Ministries is too big to keep to ourselves.

Shepherds Resources, our online presence, is designed to help as many people as we can, find hope and freedom through training in Appropriate independence .  Our site is directly aimed at churches, ministry leaders, educators and families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Listen to this podcast. Check out shepherdsresources.org and give us feedback or ask us for help.  We are here for you.


Shepherds Ministries Respite program: Where Friendship Begins

October 28, 2015

Our relationships with our residents and clients begin with rest for their parents or guardians and a sense of belonging for them.  Our respite program is the starting point for many great friendships.  Hear from Kayla Burnett, our respite coordinator and Daniel Yang, the brother of one of our newest residents, about the joy and value of the Shepherds Ministries Respite program.  Can Shepherds Ministries help you?